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Have you always wanted to buy a sun conure parrot online but wondered How much is a conure parrot cost? Wonder no more, we do offer adorable conure parrots for sale at very competitive prices. contact us today for more info on our sun conure parrots.

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Baby conures for sale

we do have 3 baby sun conure parrots for sale. a male and 2 females. 6 weeks old now. this conure babies are very beautiful and are been hand raised now with the help of our professionals in hand raising baby birds,they are wormed and have been fed on an excellent quality diet.

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These spunky and often comical parrots come in a range of eye-catching colors and have equally colorful personalities. Conures are one of the more varied groups of parrots. These small to medium parrots with long tail feathers range in size to just under 10 inches to just over 20 inches, depending on the conure species.

these birds are very active and need a spacious cage to move about and play too, and to accommodate toys. A minimum cage size for a conure is 36 inches long, and 24 inches high. they generally love to bathe — in their water dish, in the shower with their owner.

A conure’s signature sound is a high-pitched screech, which is often emitted when the bird is excited, startled and/or when it wants attention. Many owners make the mistake of inadvertently reinforcing a conure’s screech by running over to the cage or otherwise giving the bird direct attention whenever it begins to screech, this is not good cause at times its what they want and they can also be petty and wanting attention all the time, so at times ignore their screeh. Conures are capable talking and, although their vocabularies are not as extensive as that of other parrot species, they can learn to speak a few words and phrases