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They are also called the Tanimbar corella, and is the smallest of the white cockatoos, and are about 12 inches long from head to tail. It is most likely to be mistaken for a bare-eyed cockatoo (or little corella) because of their similar appearance.

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Goffin’s cockatoos are generally not shy birds. Like a typical cockatoo, most enjoy being held and petted, and are friendly and sociable. Goffin’s can also be a bit mischievous and are very good in learning,they quickly master the little things you do. Like learning how to open the cage after seeing you open it like two times , they are very good in learning.!

A cockatoo new to the home should not be showered with non-stop attention, but rather given toys and other enrichment opportunities as well as intermittent attention so that the bird learns to keep itself entertained when the people in its life are not able to offer one-on-one time.