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When selecting finch species to house together, keep these things in mind: The finches should be about the same size, temperament and have the same diet requirements. 2 sq ft of personal space per pair of finches is best, however, more is required for any finch larger than a Zebra or Society finch.

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Finches need spacious housing, especially since they spend most, if not all, of their time inside their enclosure. These birds should remain fully flighted instead of having trimmed wing feathers. A horizontal cage is a must (as opposed to a vertical cage).

Finches are popular as companion pets because of their pleasant sounds and social interactions with their flock mates, and, in the case of the Gouldian finch, their dazzling coloration.

Their vocalizations are mostly “peep” and “meep” sounds,typically by the males. Their calls/songs can be persistent at times and finches spend a large portion of their day vocally communicating with one another.

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