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Green-Winged Macaw

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The green-winged macaw is one of the largest birds in its species, almost as large as the Buffon’s macaw or the hyacinth macaw. Of the larger macaws, the green wing is possibly third most popular large macaw companions, after the blue-and-gold macaw and the scarlet macaw.

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The green wing macaw hails from regions in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Suriname, French Guiana, Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia, and covers roughly the same area as the blue-and-gold macaw.

Green-winged macaw needs a very large cage. Stainless-steel cages are now becoming popular and more affordable, and are a good material for green-wing housing; this bird can easily bend or break the bars of a cheaply made cage. Powder-coated cages are fine, too, if they’re well-made, and the bird will greatly appreciate a cage with a play top.

They can talk, but is not known to be a chatterbox; instead, an owner can expect intermittent screaming, which is quite loud, but not persistent, that is, if the bird is being cared for properly.